Fr. James

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, we are trying to get back to our normal worship practices even as the pandemic continues. The following are rules and suggestions for how we will celebrate Mass starting 9/4/21.

Masks –

Wearing masks are encouraged for both vaccinated and unvaccinated parishioners. They are strongly encouraged for people who are not yet fully vaccinated, or for those who have vulnerable people in their homes (e.g.: children under twelve or people with underlying medical conditions.) Remember that the Delta variant is highly transmissible, and that by wearing a mask you protect not only yourself, but also your neighbors.

Doors –

All doors to the church will now be unlocked for all of the masses.

Collection –

In order to protect our ushers, the collection will still be collected in the two baskets in the front of the church, as well as the small basket in the chapel. Since all doors are open, please consider dropping off your donation at the beginning of mass, at the end or, if you must, at communion.


We will begin to process again from the vestibule to the altar. To limit the exposure of the servers, we will come out of the sacristy right at the hour, bow to the tabernacle, go down the side aisle and then ask everyone to stand as we come down the center aisle.

Recession –

At the end of Mass the servers will go straight back to the sacristy, while the priest and Deacon go to the side doors to say goodbye to the people.

Ushers –

Because all of the doors will be opened, we will need more people to volunteer to hand out bulletins in the vestibule after mass.

Gifts –

We will again have gifts brought forward from the congregation to the altar at the beginning of the Liturgy of the Eucharist. We will need volunteers at each mass to bring the bread and the wine forward. If the mass is in honor of your loved one, please consider volunteering to bring up the gifts.

Communion –

At Communion we will go back to the practice of coming down the center aisle and returning by the sides. Communion on the tongue is now allowed but we ask two things for the safety of others. First, if you wish to receive on the tongue, please come to the priest only and, second, please wait until the end of the communion line. We will continue to not offer the Precious Blood.

Holy Water –

We will continue to not have Holy Water in the fonts, but Deacon and Father are available both before and after Mass to bless any water that you might bring from home in your own containers.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this pandemic. Please realize that we still need to be flexible, and that rules and suggestions may have to be adapted to changing circumstances.

May God Bless you all,

Fr James